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Blue Arrow Gender Pay Gap Report Released

We have now published our 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report.

The gender pay gap, not to be confused with the issue of equal pay, shows the difference in the average hourly rate of pay between women and men in an organisation, expressed as a percentage of average male earnings. Organisations over 250 employees follow a calculation methodology set out by the Government Equalities Office to report their mean and median gender pay gap, bonus gap, and distribution across pay quartiles, under new legislation that came into force in April 2016.

Our latest figures show that our pay gap has reduced from 2017’s report, from 14.45% to 12.22%, based on 611 permanent employees (the UK average being 17.9%). The gender pay gap at Blue Arrow is driven by a greater number of our female employees in lower paid positions, not forgetting, however, that our executive team is also predominantly female. As 70% of employees are female, figures show our gender bonus gap is marginally in favour of women.

We currently have a number of initiatives in place which ensure equal opportunities and recognition, irrespective of gender. These include, ensuring our employees have holistic access to career progression paths and succession planning models based on skill, competencies and experience; having clear and consistent salary banding structures; giving employees ongoing training including professional development programmes and management qualifications, open to all employees.

To view our full report click on the link in the footer of our website.

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