Appraising the Appraisal White Paper

Appraising the Appraisal White Paper

Catering, driving, industrial and office recruitment specialists Blue Arrow has announced the release of their latest whitepaper on performance reviews.

Continuing the series of papers on the major issues currently affecting businesses in the UK, “Appraising the Appraisal Process” discusses why appraisals are viewed negatively, what constitutes an effective appraisal system and how companies can improve their performance review process.

“It’s fair to say appraisals aren’t the most popular aspect of corporate life,” said Toni Richards, Marketing Director. “In fact, Deloitte reports that 80% of people are dissatisfied with appraisals, 66% of top performers in appraisals aren’t the company’s top performers and 30% of reviews actually lower performance. So you have to wonder why many companies have persisted with them for so long.”

The paper is based on a seminar produced and presented by Russell Beck, Head of Consulting at Impellam, the group of recruitment companies of which Blue Arrow is a part. Using the latest research, Beck delivers thought-provoking talks on topical issues affecting the recruitment sector, aiming to provide genuine insight and expertise to businesses across the UK. Other seminar topics include the future of work, managing a multi-generational workforce and candidate experience.

Richards continued: “In recent years, companies across the world have started to wonder why they should continue a process that is as outdated as it is unpopular. In an age of technological advancement where business moves so quickly and employees expect instant feedback, the traditional appraisal no longer meets the needs either of businesses or their people. We’re therefore seeing more and more big companies abandoning the old process in favour of something more regular and more fluid. Adobe, Deloitte, Gap, Microsoft, Netflix and PwC have already removed their annual appraisals and we’d expect to see a few more adding their names to the list this year. We hope this whitepaper will encourage our clients to look at their appraisal processes and put a system in place that will help them bring the best out of their people.”

With over 60 branches across the UK, Blue Arrow provides specialist staffing services to clients across the hospitality, manufacturing, public service, retail, support services and transport sectors.

Download the white paper here: Appraising the Appraisal

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