12% Salary Increase For Call Centre Advisors

12% Salary Increase For Call Centre Advisors

As the UK moves into the beginning of autumn, Blue Arrow’s latest sector trend report has revealed that Call Centre Advisors have experienced a 12% increase to their average salary compared with this time last year, lifting their salaries from £15,737 in August 2016 to £17,627 in August 2017.Despite this increase, Call Centre Advisors in East Anglia have suffered a 21.9% decrease in salary since July 2017.

Administrative roles such as Personal Assistants and Receptionists gained increases to their salaries in August, with Personal Assistants experiencing a 2.9% increase and Receptionists benefiting from a 2.6% rise. There was a slight drop of 0.4% for Administrators, where salaries dropped from £19,984 in August 2016 to £19,913 in August 2017.

The largest salary dip is with transport and logistics at 3.1%, taking the average salary from £27,756 in August 2016 to £26,882 in August 2017, despite job demand across all contract types remaining steady. Fork lift driver salaries decreased by 6.1%, however, the average salary for this role remains balanced throughout the country.

The industry average salary for manufacturing and production has also seen a decrease of 1.7%, but job demand has increased and average wages have risen for all roles except for Welders, for which there was no change between August 2016 and August 2017. The West Midlands seems to be particularly profitable compared to other regions of the country, especially for Car Fitters, whose salary has been lifted by an 8.28% salary increase since July 2017. This increase has taken their average salary from £27,413 in July 2017 to £29,682 in August 2017.

Again, the hospitality and catering sector may have seen an average wage decrease of 1.8%, however individually the roles within this sector are fairly healthy. Commis Chefs saw the biggest increase of 6.4%, closely followed by Head Chefs with a 4.1% increase to take their salary from £30,810 in August 2016 to £32,083 in August 2017. The smallest increase at 2%, represented waiters and bartenders which brought them up to an average of £16,487 per annum from £16,524 in August 2016.

Toni Richards, Marketing Director, commented “Although developments have been subtle, we’re starting to get a good indication that many organisations within our sectors have begun the lead-up to their peak periods. We’re expecting to see an upturn in both salaries and job demand as we head towards the end of the year.”

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