CPC Training Terms and Conditions

The Blue Arrow CPC Training offer is subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. The offer of training will run from the 1 October 2018 until the 31 December 2019 (“the Training Period”).

2. Attendance at training is voluntary and is unpaid. However once attendance is confirmed you, are expected to attend.

3. The CPC Training will be offered to you if you are a registered driver of the Company and have signed current Terms of Engagement or have a current Contract of Employment with the Company (and are therefore eligible and qualified to perform driving work for the Company), and you have satisfied the following criteria:

(i) You must have worked in a driving capacity for the Company for at least an average of 32 hours per week, per quarter to qualify for one CPC Training course, starting from the 1 October 2018. (The quarters will run as follows; October 2018 – December 2018, January 2019 – March 2019, April 2019 - June 2019 and July 2019 – September 2019.)

(ii) Subject to point (i) you may qualify for one module of CPC Training per quarter.

(iii) You must hold a valid C1, C or C and E Category licence.

(iv) CPC Training is at all times subject to the availability of the course provider.

4. You will be responsible for the following;

(i) Costs and expenses incurred in attending the CPC Training, including travel and subsistence to the training venue.

(ii) An upload fee of £8.75 to be paid on the date of the CPC Training to the DVLA central database.

5. (i) The Company will record and track the hours worked by you and will contact you to advise you that you are eligible for the CPC Training. You will be advised of your eligibility within two weeks of the end of each quarter. The Company’s record of the hours worked will be the only record considered when assessing your eligibility for the CPC Training.

(ii) Once booked onto the CPC Training module, the Company will send you the joining instructions, time and venue of the CPC Training and you should confirm by return your attendance. 

(iii) If you do not confirm your attendance within 72 hours the Company reserves to re-allocate the training.

(iv)If you do provide 72 hours notice of your intention to not attend the CPC Training, the Company will endeavour to book alternative CPC Training for you. The Company cannot guarantee the availability or location of the alternative training or any CPC Training. 

6. Whilst attending the training we expect you to be punctual and act in a professional manner at all times and not to do anything which may damage or harm Blue Arrow’s reputation.

7. Should your engagement or employment with the Company terminate for any reason, you shall cease to be entitled to the CPC Training regardless of satisfying the criteria set out in clause 2(i) and (ii) above. 

8. The Company reserves the right to refuse or withdraw training to you at any time or for any reasons that the Company reasonably sees fit, regardless of whether you meet the criteria in clause 2.

9. The Company gives no guarantees as to the standard or quality of the CPC Training and accepts no liability for any failings relating to this. If you have any concerns about the CPC Training you should contact your local Blue Arrow branch.

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