15 ways to create an inclusive workplace culture for temporary staff

To engage and retain workforce personnel, team culture has moved up the ladder of many companies’ considerations. But it can be hard to foster that sense of culture in teams that include temporary employees who may be onboard for a limited time.

With our 15 ways to create an inclusive workplace culture for temporary staff, your business can immerse temporary employees into your team culture to optimise performance, enhance engagement and increase happiness at work.

Through onboarding practices designed to include all workers and carefully considered workflows that encourage collaboration, partnering and communication, you can create an inclusive workplace culture for all your employees.

Everyone wants to feel needed, wanted and valued, and through your efforts to ensure that your temporary employees feel at home just as much as your permanent staff, you will notice a happier and more productive workforce.

15 ways to create an inclusive workplace culture for temporary staff

  1. Incorporate Team Culture in Your Hiring Process: Imbed your team culture into all job descriptions and employee profiles, ensuring that your company values are considered when selecting candidates. Recruiting with your culture and values in mind will make it easier to integrate new employees into your team’s culture when they start work. 
  2. Involve Your Full-Time Employees: Before any temporary staff arrive into the workplace, talk to your existing employees about them. Inform them that temporary staff are not to replace others, but to streamline the workload. This should motivate your permanent staff to connect with their new temporary co-workers, making them feel welcome and helping them to blend into your company’s landscape with ease.
  3. Lead by Example: As a team leader or manager in a position of authority, you have the responsibility to lead by example, treating your temp workers with respect will endorse this behaviour in others. Make sure that your temporary employees are given the same onboarding experience as your permanent staff, include them in team meetings and issue them with a company email address.
  4. Set Your Temps up for Success: Make sure that your temps have an office setting that’s equal to that of other workers, is a good way to make them included and valued from the start.
  5. Discuss Their Chances of Progression: By giving your temporary staff the chance to progress, such as the opportunity to secure a full-time role or to be invited to return on future projects, you can help them to remain engaged to integrate into your company culture. Basing their chances of success on their performance will motivate them to be more productive.
  6. Set Up a Buddy System: To make temporary staff feel welcome on the job, assign seasoned employees as their buddy, to train them on specific procedures and aspects of company culture, and they can answer questions about breaks, socializing, expectations, etc. This will ensure your whole team feels connected and help build morale.
  7. Schedule Catch-Up Sessions: When you schedule catchups, invite permanent and temp employees giving everyone an opportunity to give feedback and make suggestions. This will help the temps to feel a sense of worth and pride and to see where they fit into your company.
  8. Make Feedback Important: Providing feedback and constructive criticism while the temp is working with you will to reinforce their positive behaviour. Make sure you provide this feedback to the recruiter as well.
  9. Design a Mentor Program: Experienced team members can mentor new contractors, by introducing them to your company culture and training them for a specific assignment. Including your permanent employees in the process will keep them engaged and strengthen the team bond.
  10. Communication is key: To make team culture a centrepiece, use your corporate internet, or Facebook group or a monthly newsletter, to share company news and developments in an engaging and inclusive way. Group communication at work is essential when employees are spread across various locations, and freelancers are becoming an increasingly large part of this workforce.
  11. Open up collaboration: By providing an online platform where your workers can share ideas and collaborate in real-time on projects from across the globe, can help a team that’s spread over several time zones and continents work cohesively and productively.
  12. Transparency and trust: Company meetings where all staff are welcome to be a part of the conversations around progress the future of the business can result in a more open and transparent workplace. If it’s not possible for everyone to attend the meetings in person, keep your teams in the know with post-meeting notes or presentation slides, detailing the topics discussed and next key actions to expect.   
  13. Be Inclusive of Employees Regardless of Term: Team culture should incorporate the entire team, that includes temporary workers. By opening any company events and out of work socialising to your temps, this will help them to feel connected with the permanent staff members and promote team collaboration.
  14. Encourage Partnering and Team Work: Encourage a sense of team culture by seating your temporary workers within your permanent staff, that way they can interact with others, learn from those around them and are able to ask questions if they need help. By partnering temps and perm staff on certain tasks, this will help foster a good team culture and prevent temporary employees from feeling isolated.
  15. Diversify the workplace: A diverse mix of race, gender and sexual orientation across your workforce will promote acceptance and a more inclusive and welcoming environment. It should be the management’s responsibility to facilitate and encourage teamwork between everyone. 

By incorporating our 15 ways to create an inclusive workplace culture for temporary staff, you will create a better team culture across all your employees. The promotion of an inclusive and happy workplace should result in a more productive one. To test if your workplace is a happy environment for your temps, try using our Happiness Questionnaire.

In this series, we are looking to unlock the secrets behind empowering, engaging and motivating your entire workforce with the power of happiness. Although they are often under-represented within existing productivity and business development guidance, Blue Arrow believes that temporary workers are an integral part of the wider workforce driving businesses - so to find out more about how you can use happiness to improve productivity throughout your entire organisation, click here. 

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