Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning is understanding what employees you will need to meet business goals.

Whether it is looking at the next 12 months or a 5-year strategy plan this will often include understanding what your current workforce looks like, identifying future needs, analysing your talent gaps, and designing workforce solutions to meet organisation objectives.

If you are new to workforce planning, or an experienced HR professional looking to be more strategic, this collection of resources will help you across all aspects of workforce planning for success.

what is workforce planning
What is Workforce Planning?

If asked the question “what is workforce planning?” a thousand HR professionals would probably provide a thousand different definitions.

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Generation Alpha
Preparing for Generation Alpha

2021 will be a key milestone for millions of people across the world; the millennials are turning forty.

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Sucessful Succession Planning
Successful Succession Planning

As we reach the end of 2020, the pause of the festive season will have businesses reflecting on two contrasting perspectives.

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