Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning is understanding what employees you will need to meet business goals.

Whether it is looking at the next 12 months or a 5-year strategy plan this will often include understanding what your current workforce looks like, identifying future needs, analysing your talent gaps, and designing workforce solutions to meet organisation objectives.

If you are new to workforce planning, or an experienced HR professional looking to be more strategic, this collection of resources will help you across all aspects of workforce planning for success.

organisational churn
The Impact of Organisational Churn

Much of modern organisations makes them almost unrecognisable in comparison to those of the last century. That said, the basis of organisational churn remains mostly unchanged. To some, the word churn is used interchangeably with concepts such as turnover and attrition; in reality, they are subsets within churn. 

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applying strategic alignment
The Importance of Strategic Alignment in Workforce Planning

Effective organisations are clear on why they exist and can connect their ‘why’ to the way that work is done; this is called strategic alignment.

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workforce planning
A Beginner's Guide to Workforce Planning

In its simplest terms, workforce planning is understanding how your employees will be used to meet your business goals. Businesses of all sizes are realising that to be successful, workforces need to be agile and performing at their optimal level. 

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