Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning is understanding what employees you will need to meet business goals.

Whether it is looking at the next 12 months or a 5-year strategy plan this will often include understanding what your current workforce looks like, identifying future needs, analysing your talent gaps, and designing workforce solutions to meet organisation objectives.

If you are new to workforce planning, or an experienced HR professional looking to be more strategic, this collection of resources will help you across all aspects of workforce planning for success.

effective action planning
Effective Action Planning

The great polymath, Archimedes of Syracuse, is said to have remarked, 'give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.' This illustrates the mechanical advantage of a lever whereby a small force at one end can exert a far greater force at the other.

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influencing stakeholders
Influencing stakeholders as part of workforce planning

Thinker on management and information systems, Aubrey Mendelow, created a two-by-two matrix of power and dynamism as a method to support environmental scanning. Power is an important axis in the model; whilst we tend to recognize stakeholders with power it is important to understand the sources of power in order to be able to compare it against other stakeholders.

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how to do gap analysis
Conducting a Workforce Planning Gap Analysis

In an agile workforce planning approach, we will have established a baseline and created forecasts of both supply, the evolution of the workforce, and demand, the evolution of work.

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