Improving Productivity

Many organisations aspire to be more productive yet the process of achieving this often proves complex and difficult.

Improving productivity can be particularly challenging when managing temporary workforces, a core component of service resilience and flexibility in the pandemic and beyond, yet without careful management, can have a negative impact on productivity and business growth long term.

These resources explore the link between staff happiness and productivity with tangible advice on how to empower, engage and motivate your entire workforce and harness the power of happiness.

creating purpose for staff
How working with purpose can impact productivity

The goal for any organisation should be to create a workplace filled with purposeful employees who are happy and productive. Giving your workers a purpose is key to excellent performance and better well-being.

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improve worker performance
What factors influence your workers’ performance?

If you ask your workforce what motivates them to be more productive at work, chances are they won’t say it’s just the pay. There are so many other factors to consider, such as job satisfaction, training and development, role progression and a sense of purpose.

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importance of a blended workforce
The Benefits of a Blended Workforce

A blended and flexible workforce can increase employee engagement, well-being and productivity. 

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Productivity Infographics

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