Productivity Solution

Measuring and increasing the productivity of temporary staff has remained elusive for many…until now. Using decades of experience in managing temporary workforces, Blue Arrow has designed a solution that measures and benchmarks worker satisfaction across key drivers for lost productivity.

productivity solution
The Productivity Challenge

Lost productivity costs UK employers tens of billions every year. The cost to you can be £4,500 per member of staff per year.

productivity solutions
The Productivity Solution

The Productivity Solution helps employers improve the productivity of temporary workers by tracking and benchmarking key areas of temporary worker satisfaction.

productivity solution
Measuring for Improved Productivity

For one of our clients we achieved 40% more weekly hours worked without increasing the size of the temporary workforce. We also reduced sickness by 8% and increase staff retention by 15% simply by collaborating with our client to respond to the feedback we were receiving from our temporary workers.

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