The Value of Coaching with Outplacement Services

Selecting high-quality outplacement services is a last act of kindness you can offer staff during the stressful experience of redundancy. No matter how redundancy came about, the impact of this news can be catastrophic for the staff concerned and yet it need not be traumatic, redundancy can be a positive catalyst for change. With a good coaching service as part of the offboarding process your staff will move on to bigger and better things, and the redundancy will be remembered as a transition and not a trauma.

Big is NOT better

  • You may think a larger outplacement company is better because size is a measure of success, right? Wrong. There are many benefits going direct as provider of Managed Services and Specialist Staffing solution.

The Outplacement companies’ conveyor belts

The difference between outplacement coaching using an outplacement service and using your internal HR team is the fact that it is a customised non-bias approach. It has to be that way. This is how individuals come to terms with the shock, and the stress of redundancy while preparing effectively for their next role. In contrast, many large outplacement companies rely on prerecorded content, such as Youtube videos showing how to write a CV or prepare for interviews etc. Individuals are effectively placed on a conveyor belt and receive generic outplacement coaching support that is simply not good enough in today’s competitive and challenging recruitment market.

Why does coaching matter?

Severe disruptions to markets and economies have become more frequent in recent decades. In the next 10 years the workplace will continue to evolve meaning development of existing staff and outplacement of other staff may be inevitable. Yet downsizing headcount by just 1% can lead to a 31% increase in voluntary turnover in the following year, and decreased profitability for up to 3 years.

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