Outplacement Process

10 things to consider from your provider

1. Engagement

Are your employees proactively engaged with the outplacement provider both initially and ongoing? What is the overall outplacement process like? Is it easy for them to know which steps they need to take when? Are there guides to help them through the outplacement process? A difficult-to-navigate and confusing service will waste your company's time and money.

2. Accessibility

Does the provider offer flexible hours throughout the outplacement process? Can their services be accessed multiple ways? Depending on your employee’s needs, the flexibility to access services in off-hours, including nights and weekends, can be invaluable.

3. Flexibility

Does the provider offer the flexibility to effectively meet your demand for the service through the entire outplacement process? Look for a provider that is willing to be innovative to meet your needs and has the ability to ebb and flow with your succession and workforce plan.

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