As a business leader you may have to make some hard decisions to help your organisation survive, but with a strong outplacement support programme you can create a brighter future for everyone involved.

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Why does it matter?

Severe disruptions to markets and economies have become more frequent in recent decades. In the next 10 years the workplace will continue to evolve meaning development of existing staff and outplacement of other staff may be inevitable. Yet downsizing headcount by just 1% can lead to a 31% increase in voluntary turnover in the following year, and decreased profitability for up to 3 years.

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How we can help

Preserving valued relationships and rescuing morale and productivity is key to ‘offboarding’ staff with high integrity. Our service is underpinned by making the whole outplacement process personal to the needs and emotions of the individual, bolstering confidence with enhanced knowledge, career coaching and support through the emotional rollercoaster of redundancy, to securing a new employment.

Stay Nimble
Personalised curated content and  1-to-1 coaching 

In addition to our own expert CV writing, interview coaching and LinkedIn profile support, we partner with Stay Nimble, a certified social enterprise and leading learning platform who deliver measurable social value through the help they give to every single person who uses their app as part of the Outplacement service.

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