Temporary call centre staff for a leading high street bank
Case Study Key Features, Process Automation, Volume recruitment, Urgent response, Reduced admin costs
Company Overview: Client - Retail Bank, Staffing Types - Call Centre,

Company Overview

Our client is a leading retail and commercial bank. They are a UK institution having supported customers, businesses and the communities that they work in for over 250 years.
They now serve more than 26 million customers and over a million businesses.

Their success is built upon UK prosperity and as such they are a leader in their field for responsible, sustainable and inclusive operations.

The bank could only offer temporary contracts of employment, so it was necessary to partner with an agency that knew how to keep candidates engaged and invested, despite not being offered permanent contracts of employment.

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The Challenge

Our client has an ongoing requirement for large numbers of customer call centre, admin and clerical staff to meet the high level of daily enquiries received from its customers. Their need spans UK-wide across 27 different branch locations.

The roles are typically temporary contracts and our client had historically had problems with retention both during and after the recruitment process. Pre-employment vetting was taking too long, and it was felt applicants were not engaged well with the employer brand. Candidates were therefore being lost to competitors in the banking sector and other industries requiring similar skills.

The Solution

To attract the right talent, the bank needed to position its brand in the correct way for it to be considered as the employer of choice by suitable candidates. And it needed to act faster during the hiring process.

We needed to get candidates engaged and excited about a new role, despite not being offered permanent contracts upfront. This started with intelligent job advertising. We invested in SEO optimised job adverts so that vacancies could easily be found by the best candidates.

To increase attraction, we promoted our clients scale and corporate responsibility on our own website which receives 30,000 applications per month from individuals with the required skill-sets. We focussed on reducing the on-boarding timescales so that it could be concluded far quicker and was less of a burden to the applicants.

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The Journey

Our sector experience was critical in understanding client job descriptions and successfully converting them into engaging job adverts. To ensure consistency across the UK, our National Account Manager inducted all recruiters, so they had a consistent employer brand message, regardless of location, during the recruitment process.

We introduced a technology solution that sped-up candidate matching with assignments and provided applicant tracking to our account lead. Furthermore, our national account team continued to oversee candidate aftercare following onboarding. This helped us to ensure candidates were fulfilled and engaged in their work, but also to gather feedback in pursuit of continuous improvement.

Quote: Large numbers of contingent workers are often needed at short notice. Blue Arrow meets these demands whilst maintaining the rigorous pre-employment checks we need.
The Results

To date, we have successfully attracted, recruited and engaged over 3,500 flexible employees for our client. At peak, we have managed over 1,000 flexible call centre employees on assignment. The Blue Arrow compliance team’s new pre-employment screening process halved the turnaround time for vetting from 6 weeks to only 15 days. This positively contributed to a 25% reduction in applicant dropouts and a more engaged temporary workforce.

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