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20 Ideas for off the job training

One of the core principles for quality apprenticeships is that all apprentices spend 20% of their learning time developing their skills through off-the-job training.

Off-the-job training is learning which happens outside of the normal day-to-day working environment and leads towards the achievement of an apprenticeship. This doesn’t mean you lose your apprentice for a fixed amount of time each week, rather your apprentice can set aside time to develop, each week.

Off-the-job training can be achieved in a number of ways and you may be surprised to learn of the simple activities which count towards the achievement of 20% learning time.

Here are 20 ideas that can help you and your apprentices plan for off-the-job training:

1. Participating in online forums relevant to their role and industry

2. Individual study time, whether this is to complete coursework or review modules

3. Being mentored by a senior colleague who is in a role that they aspire to

4. Delivering a mentoring session to another colleague

5. Completing a reflective account -this can be written or filmed

6. Shadowing a colleague’s role and writing a reflection and lessons learnt report

7. Group learning sessions - learning new skills and sharing ideas with colleagues

8. Researching tasks to gain new knowledge of the industry

9. Face-to-face tutor-led delivery/coaching sessions

10. Internal Learning & Development sessions that relate to their apprenticeship

11. Completing E-learning modules

12. Completing project work

13. Preparing for assessments

14. Role playing or simulating workplace situations

15.Visits to other businesses or different business units to see how they work. 

16. Attending industry-related competitions 

17. Attending industry shows (where they might be able to watch presentations or seminars)

18. Workplace 1:1 performance reviews 

19. Training sessions e.g. Manual Handling or First Aid

20. Attending webinars on key industry topics.

Download a copy of these ideas.

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