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Supporting you with Apprenticeships

In a marketplace that’s more competitive than ever, it’s tough finding the time to give people the skills they need.

Blue Arrow can help

Blue Arrow is able to offer your business support with your apprenticeships as an accredited training provider. The 3 key areas Blue Arrow can help you with are:-

  • Recruiting a new apprentice, training and then assessing them over a minimum of 12-months up to 24 months depending on the Apprenticeship Standard.
  • Training and assessing any current employees you wish to upskill through an apprenticeship.
  • Recruiting a new member of staff and upskilling through an apprenticeship at a later date.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a suite of qualifications which provides individuals with knowledge and skills required to competently undertake and complete a role, whilst they are working within it. Courses are tailored to suit the employer and individual, with many choices across multiple standards of frameworks.

What's involved in recruiting an apprentice? 

Blue Arrow will support you with the whole apprenticeship process, from preparing the vacancy description, advertising and shortlisting, through to training. Click here to see your responsibilities as an employer of apprentices.

Our apprenticeship courses

Blue Arrow apprenticeships are partially funded by the European Social Fund. 

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What will it cost?

In most cases, it won’t cost you a penny!  If you pay into the Apprenticeship Levy, you can access these funds to cover all recruitment, training and assessment costs and appoint experts like Blue Arrow to execute the programme on your behalf. 

If you don’t pay the Levy, you’ll only pay 10% of these associated costs. If you’ve spent all of your Levy funds, the government will pay 90% of the additional cost of training any additional apprentices.

Apprenticeships by Blue Arrow - If you pay into the apprenticeship levy all costs are covered by the levy funds. If you do not pay into the levy then you only have to pay 10% on the costs

Need more information? 

Apprenticeships by Blue Arrow. If you would like further information, please call our director of apprenticeships on 07842 919 702 or email

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