Working for Sodexo Testimonials - "The best thing is the people and every day is different, so you don't get bored at all"

Wayne's Story

Where do you currently work and what do you do?

I currently work for Royal Stoke Hospital as a Porter. 

When did you start working there?

I think it was maybe February last year that I started.

What is Sodexo like to work for?

They are very good to work for, if you have any problems, they are easily contactable and happy to help.

What is it like to work at Royal Stoke Hospital?

Working in a hospital is great because every day is different, you never get bored

Tell me about a typical day at work

I arrive at work and collect a radio then I go to the porter’s room. You wait there for jobs to come through on the radio. You don’t have to wait long, there is always work to do. You confirm you have received the job then you go off to get the job done. Once you have finished that job you log in on radio and get the next one

What kind of jobs do you get asked to do? 

Generally, it is transporting people, escorting them to different destinations throughout the hospitallike wardsreception, clinics and places like thatYou transport people either by foot, in a chair or in a bed if needed

We also collect and deliver medication and equipment when different areas request items. At other times we are carrying patient notes, changing cylinders on resuscitation (resus) trolleys and taking care of things like that. 

Do you talk to patients very much? 

We do interact with patientswe talk to them,but it is usually a general chit chat, nothing personal just a little polite conversation.

What was your application process like?

I was a bit confused actually, I thought I was going to an interview, but it turned out to be an induction! That was a surprise, I was a little overdressed for an induction, but it all went well, we did an English test and a Maths test but it was really quite easy.

What were you most nervous about before you started? 

I was a bit nervous to start somewhere new,but I just got stuck in and it turned out fine.

Did you receive any training before you started?

A little training was provided but you get more training and information from the people you work with; it is more about on-the-job training. You shadow someone at first but if you do that for too long you don’t learn the route, you have to get out on your own to learn that properly. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to remember where everywhere is, especially if they keep moving things around. 

Are you aware of any career progression or self-development options?

Yes, they have said they will offer a permanent contract if I want it. Other than that, I don’t really want to progress any further I have done it before and reached the peak of my work in management positions, but I don’t need the stress now. I like to go in, be happy and go home. 

What do you like most about your job?

The best thing is the people and every day is different,so you are not doing the same thingall of the time. You meet so many different people, you don’t get bored at all. The people you work with and the people you meet are all kind and really nice to be around

What do you dislike most about your job?

Nothing! like to just get on with my job and not find faults in it

Would you recommend your job to a friend?

YesI have done already. He is heading off to another hospital soon I think

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying for a job like yours?

I would say it is hard work, but it leads to a permanent job. We may not be making lots of money, but you know your job is always going to be there for you

People think my job is just about pushing things but there is actually a lot to learn, it is difficult to remember all the wards so you can move around quickly and confidently, you need to develop your people skills, confidence, attitude to work, sympathy and so many other things, it’s not just pushing things around.