Facilities caretaker Assistant

Main Duties

  • Maintenance, Hands on general maintenance skills.

  • General maintenance and cleanliness of the site in order to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for everyone.

  • General areas of the building including external entrance and car park.

  • Carry out any routine health and safety checks of the building.

  • Ensure measurable KPI faults are completed in time.

  • Hands-on assistance when required to change light bulbs, setting up stages etc. and other manual labour.

  • On occasions assist with basic gardening.

  • Operate the buildings energy systems to specified standards ensuring conservation measures are taken.

  • Prepare for after normal working hours activities, clearing and cleaning up after these activities and preparing the area for normal use the following day.

  • Perform occasional non-routine cleaning tasks such as spillages where necessary.

  • Maintain a safe working environment by ensuring health and safety standards are met and ensuring compliance with all legislative and company health and safety requirements.

If you are interested in this job role. Please attach your cv.

Just to inform you, if successful for the role there is a registration process that would need to be done at the uxbridge branch at blue arrrow.

Many thanks,

Blue Arrow