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 The Future of work, lady sipping tea whilst working on her laptop

The Future of Work: Future proofing your business and your career

This paper takes a look at the changing world of work and identifies six major drivers of change. Thought-provoking every step along the way, this paper navigates through the corporate counterattack to some the greatest challenges facing businesses, it explores the chase for talent and ways in which labour may future-proof themselves from the challenges they also face.


Employer Branding Whitepaper - Blue Arrow Industry Insights Whitepapers

Employer Branding

This new whitepaper reveals the secrets behind effective employer branding. It explores in-depth what it takes to create a world-class employer brand.

Not only will it help you improve your brand in the world of work, but it also gives insightful suggestions how to keep your best staff, and hire top talent. Talent is at the root of every business’ success. It is the biggest driver of a business’ profit and growth.


What does good look like Whitepaper cover

What Does Good Look Like? 

Our latest whitepaper provides insight on how and why hiring has a huge impact on revenue and growth.

The whitepaper argues that poor hiring results from of a mixture of unproductive relationships with recruiters, undefined roles, misguided assessment of hiring success, subjective job descriptions, unsuitable performance assessment techniques and poor recruitment processes. It goes on to address these deficiencies and discuss the ways companies can improve their hiring. 


Attrition Absence and Recruitment Whitepaper - Blue Arrow Industry Insights Whitepapers

Attrition Absence and Recruitment

Our latest whitepaper provides insight and analysis of recent contact centre industry feedback and considers emerging trends around attrition, absence and recruitment.

The paper explores the most valued employee characteristics and examines what staff really want from their call centre careers. It also reveals the real reasons people choose to leave their jobs, and more importantly how recruiting the right people and improving the candidate experience can ultimately boost your company’s brand value.


Contact Babel - The UK Contact Centre Decsion Makers Guide 2017-18 Sponsored by Blue Arrow

The UK Contact Centre Decision-Maker's Guide 2017-18

This annual report studies the performance, operations, technology and HR aspects of UK contact centre operations. With data gathered from over 200 contact centre managers and directors, the result is the 15th edition of the largest and most comprehensive study of all aspects of the UK contact centre industry.


Appraising the Appraisal Process Whitepaper -  Blue Arrow Industry Insights Whitepapers

Appraising the Appraisal Process

This white paper discusses why appraisals are viewed negatively, what constitutes an effective appraisal system and how companies can improve their performance review process.


Hunting for Job Hunters Whitepaper - Blue Arrow Industry Insights Whitepapers

Hunting for Job Hunters

This white paper aims to offer employers a balanced look at the pros and cons of hiring differing job agencies while looking at the future of the industry in a turbulent and unpredictable economy.


Candidate Experience Whitepaper

Candidate Experience

This paper explores candidate experience and the broader impact of poor experience on consumer behavior. It provides methods of measuring the cost of poor candidate experience and how to improve the rejection experience.


Employee Engagement Whitepaper

Employee Engagement 

This white paper reviews research into employee engagement. It provides a definition for employee engagement and evaluates the level of impact it has on businesses.


Attrition and Motivation Whitepaper

Attrition and Motivation

This white paper reviews recent research into the effects of attrition on UK staffing. It highlights common causes for attrition and shares insights on the impact that Line Managers have on staff motivation.


Talent Communities Whitepaper

Talent Communities 

This white paper explores the concept of a ‘talent community’, considering why a need has arisen and then evaluating their strengths and limitations.