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Industry Insights

Blue Arrow keeps its clients up-to-speed with the latest trends in the various labour markets it supplies to and to provoke debate and share innovations on strategic staffing-related matters.

Latest Labour Market Report

Labour Market Analysis - Transport and Logistics - Man about to get into his truck, speaking to warehouse manager and looking at a clip bpard.  

2018/2019 Transport and Logistics Labour Market Report

New Labour Market Report shares industry insights and sector challenges, as well as opportunities such as training and apprenticeships.

When the FTA asked its members as part of its 2018 Logistics Industry Survey about the measures they were taking to address and improve recruitment and retention of new staff, the most popular measure was funding driver training programmes, followed by taking on apprentices.

Download our 2018/2019 Transport & Logistics Labour Market Report to view the latest insights and rates of pay across various regions and job types.



Latest Whitepaper

What Does Good Look Like Whitepaper by Blue Arrow 

What Does Good Look Like? 

Our latest whitepaper provides insight on how and why hiring has a huge impact on revenue and growth.

The whitepaper argues that poor hiring results from of a mixture of unproductive relationships with recruiters, undefined roles, misguided assessment of hiring success, subjective job descriptions, unsuitable performance assessment techniques and poor recruitment processes.

It goes on to address these deficiencies and discuss the ways companies can improve their hiring.