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What to do when you’re having doubts about your warehouse job?

Getting a job and getting the right job are not always the same thing. Sometimes you can find yourself in a role that once looked and sounded right for you, but turns out to be less than perfect after a few weeks of actually doing the work. 

It is important to be self-aware enough to recognise that there is a problem early on so you can take steps to fix the situation first. If all else fails, sometimes career progression is about having the good sense to call it a day and move on to greener pastures.  

How do you know that your picker/packer job is not right for you? 


If you have recently started a new job it can take a little while to settle in and find your feet, so it is always best to give it a chance and see how you feel a few weeks down the line. 

If weeks or months into the job the role is still not quite what you expected and it is leaving you feeling out of your depth, challenged beyond your capabilities and/or unable to fulfil the role requirements, then starting the process of finding a more suitable position is probably the best decision for both yourself and the employer. 


The way you feel is often an early indicator that the job is not quite fulfilling what you need or living up to what you expected. Once in a while all of us feel reluctant to go to work, but if you are feeling anxious, worried, and reluctant all of the time, even long before your shift begins, you should certainly be asking yourself why. Irritability is another good indicator that something is not quite right. When we enjoy our work we are much more amiable and forgiving of those around us. If you find that your co-workers, Team Leaders and Managers are starting to irritate you or if you are over reacting to situations that you might usually breeze on by, then you will probably find that the role is not quite ticking all of your boxes and you are taking your emotions out on those around you. 


There has to be more to work than simply earning enough money to put food on the table. We choose to work hard, develop our skills and progress in a career because our work can also bring a sense of achievement, belonging, value, reward and self esteem. 

If our job is unable to provide these things then no matter how easy you find the work to do, you could quickly find yourself looking for a new job that can provide you with that little bit more.  

What can you do if you realise that your picker/packer job is not right for you?

Jumping ship and immediately looking for a new job may be a little premature, there could be another solution so investigate the opportunities to make a change within your current employment first:  

  • Move departments – is there something else you can do?
  • Switching your shift - perhaps try night work, it is usually a very different atmosphere to day shifts. 
  • Speak to someone - Try talking to your line manager, personnel department or your agency about your concerns. 
  • Put yourself forward – if job satisfaction is the issue, try moving up, not out. Go for that promotion instead.

If the issues run a little deeper and leaving really is the best option for you then there are a number of things you can do to prepare:

With warehouse experience on your CV you have a proven record of the ability to work fast, work hard, walk long distances, carry heavy loads and work well in a team so there are many other jobs that could be a great fit for you: 

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