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Trends affecting office work in 2020

For those in office work around the world, 2020 is set to be a year for focusing on spaces, places, productivity, collaboration, training and wellbeing.

The Google campus has become synonymous for its collaborative spaces, chill out areas, on site amenities and flexible working conditions. Google have effectively led the charge with many organisations now following their lead into the exciting world of a working experience, not just a working environment.

Everywhere you look the consensus appears to be the same; comfort, flexibility and job satisfaction is of utmost importance for employees and employers are eager to ensure that their comfort and happiness is catered for. This not only helps to retain all of you talented folk already in an office job but to also encourage applications from any new candidates who may be on the lookout for a hip new place to work.

This shift in focus promises to ensure that 2020 is an exciting year for office workers and to be sure you are ahead of the game here are the top 5 trends for the coming year to keep your eye on;

1. Elegant Spaces

Office layout, design and aesthetics is going to be big on the agenda for this year with plenty of stock placed in the environment in which you work. Look out for changes to the office décor. Top design choices for 2020 include light, bright and airy spaces with plenty of plant life and soothing colours or perhaps a modern, sleek, clutter free zen space that uses textures and materials to create a feeling of a clarity and order. When you are working in an office, a clear desk really does equal a clear mind.

As an office worker, no doubt you have noticed that being in a good workplace environment boosts your happiness, morale and motivation but did you know that these things can also mean that you are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable for your employer. If there was ever a time to enlighten your employer as to the benefits of an office spruce up, this is it. 

2. Changing Places

Co-working spaces first appeared in big cities like London, mainly for the high flyers who needed to be at a desk with no less than a moment’s notice, now however you will find a co-working space popping up in most towns across the country.

A co-working space not only provides the convenience of a space to work from with reliable internet, but they are also the new way to network. With such a vast array of professions coming together in one place and conversations sparking up around the coffee machine, simply networking once a month with lawyers and accountants over an early morning breakfast meeting is now oh so 2018.

Even if it is only for one day a month, do try out a co-working space. Be sure to talk to those around you, there are bound to be some interesting and useful people sat just across the table.

3. Care & Wellbeing

Flexitime, condensed working hours, ergonomic chairs and standing desks are no longer gold dust for the rare few. Throughout 2019 and continuing into this year, employee comfort, wellbeing and happiness is priority number 1 for many employers with organisations going over and above to provide the most comfortable and flexible working conditions possible.

Adjustable desks that can be changed from seated to standing at the push of a button are right on trend, sitting at a desk for hours on end is not good for our bodies and ergonomists are being heard when they say that a desk should fit the worker, the worker should not be expected to fit around a desk.

To find out more about the best ergonomic work stations on the market and their benefits, hop on over to All Things Ergo.

4. Productivity & Collaboration

Bullets journals, task management and collaboration software took 2019 by storm and it is only going to become more prevalent throughout 2020. If you don’t already use task management software, the top 3 most user friendly, collaborative systems available right now are;

1. Asana – A bit of a veteran in the collaboration field having being around since 2008 but the oldies are often the goodies. Asana enables to do lists, projects, group working, employee tracking and so much more. Behind the scenes, Uber, TED and Intel all use Asana as their core communication method.

2. Trello – A simple, clean user friendly software that allows you to create to do lists and delegate amongst colleagues. With a heap of handy integrations including Evernote, Git Hub, Google Drive and Slack, Trello is a great option for simplicity that packs a bit of a punch.

3. Slack – More of a mighty communication interface than a task tracking one. Slack is great for internal comms, direct messaging, video calling, file sending and group discussions.

5. Training

2020 is the year for building on what you know. Trusted advisor sessions and skill share sites have surged in popularity as those in office jobs especially see the value in building on their skills and compounding their knowledge across multiple disciplines to ensure they are capable, useful and above all else, desirable candidates for hot new positions. The best 2skill building platforms around are;

1. Skill Share – An online learning platform with free and paid access options. Leaning towards the creative space you can learn anything from photoshop to coding, and illustration to a new language in no time.

2. Udemy – With a slight tilt towards the more professional skills such as IT, software, business and entrepreneurship, Udemy is the place to be is you want to brush up on your office skills.

When we start a new year, it is not just exciting new trends that affect us as office workers, changes to law and industry standard can also have quite an affect. So to be sure you are up to date with any upcoming employment law changes, hop on over to the first blog of 2020 from our very own Caree R Hunter as she discusses what changes are set to happen within employment during 2020 and how the news may affect you whether you are a temporary worker, hold a permanent position or are on the market for a new job.

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