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Top 5 dirtiest jobs

These top 5 jobs might just be the dirtiest jobs around, but someone has to do them.

Last Sunday evening I was snuggled on my sofa, watching Monty Python while eating my weight in B&J ice cream, Phish Food flavour for my fellow ice cream fans.

So, Monty Python, the one with the sketch; What have the Romans ever done for us? You know the one where everyone chimes in with things like aqueducts, roads etc.

The writing in this sketch is just pure genius and it never fails to make me laugh, but on this particular evening it got me thinking about the jobs that no one talks about, the ones that we take for granted. 

I did some research and found 5 dirty jobs that someone has to do but are rarely spoken about. I never realised some of these jobs were an option when I was at my school careers day but looking at the salaries and opportunities available, I wish I had.

Top 5 dirtiest jobs

1. Sewer Monkey aka Fatberg Flusher

Plucking the fatbergs from Britain's sewer networks may not be the job you always dreamed of but before you wrinkle your nose and scroll down consider for a moment an average salary of £45,000 per year. 

Thames Water reportedly spends £12 million a year clearing sewer blockages across London alone, now imagine the scale of the problem throughout the whole of the UK. If you have a strong stomach and want to get your hands on some serious cash, then this very well could be the job for you. 

2. Crime Scene Cleaner

Okay so maybe Fatbergs are not for you but what about cleaning up crime scene detritus? Now this one is not for the faint hearted and let's not attempt to describe the nitty gritty of the work. I think you can get the picture by recalling the Gluttony crime scene in the 1995 movie Seven (Se7en) - the guy forced to eat until his stomach ruptured.... Yep, that just about sums it up.

I am not sure if the £45,000 - £60,000 salary would be enough to dispel the nightmares for me but if you are not squeamish perhaps you have what it takes to be the ultimate cleaner.

3. Hazardous Waste Manager

Overseeing and handling the safe disposal of hazardous waste is a lucrative career choice for those with attention to detail, a careful disposition and a knack for following procedures to the letter. This may not be a career that initially springs to mind however, bringing an average salary upward of £35,000 and excellent career progression options, this could be the career solution you have been searching for.

Going straight into management may require a degree in Environmental Science, Waste Management or similar but if you don't have a degree there is nothing stopping you from starting at the lower end of the scale and moving up through the ranks. Perhaps try your hand in more general waste management, such as being a refuse collector or maybe get a job at a household waste recycling site, to gain some valuable experience and assess your options.

4. High rise window cleaner

Do you have a head for heights and nerves of steel? A certified high-rise window cleaner may just be the scariest of the bunch but with an average salary of £40,000 it is an excellent option for anyone looking for a high flying career with excellent views. If heights are not for you then never fear, there are excellent opportunities for you to start in the cleaning industry that don't come with a harness or the need to leave the safety of the ground. A quick scout on any job board will show lots of cleaning jobs in your area for you to gain some vital work experience in this field.

5. Zoo Keeper

Is this job all cute animal antics, spending the day with exotic species petting the fluffy ones and being wary of the ones with sharp teeth? I certainly hope so! Even if cleaning out the monkey enclosures is the worst part, it seems like a small price to pay for a salary of £30,000 and the chance to spend the day with a host of animal friends.

Experience is going to go a long way when trying to break into a career like this so definitely try volunteering at a local shelter or petting zoo to get some valid and recent experience on your CV. 

It is a sad fact that not every job comes with an accolade, even those most deserving of it. But if career stability, a good salary and a less competitive selection process are high on your list, then I encourage you to step outside of the norm, break through the mundane and try your hand at something slightly left field.

A great way to get started and dip your toe into the unknown waters is through a temp position, you never know, your perfect job role could be just around the corner.

Fools wait for a lucky day, but every day is lucky for the industrious.

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