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Life Lessons - Becoming your own mentor

Spring has officially sprung and all of a sudden everything starts to take on a new purpose, flowers are in bloom and everything just seems to look cleaner, brighter and fresher somehow, don’t you think?

While January is the month for fitness, Spring is the most popular time of year to develop your mind, body and spirit and embrace change, whether that is by attending a class, signing up for therapy, starting meditation or even finding a coach or mentor to work with.

Signing up to a class is pretty easy, even meditation is not too much of a struggle to get started on but when it comes to having a life coach, dedicated to helping you re-evaluate your life or develop your career, as lovely as that would be, it’s just not practical (or likely) for most of us.

 So, if you don’t have access to your very own Yoda lookalike, robe-wearing guru, how do you go about learning enough about life, other people and yourself to create purposeful, mindful strategies for small changes that will benefit your soul, home-life and career this spring?

You become your own coach by seeking knowledge, learning from your mistakes, adjusting your mindset and willing yourself to succeed. 

Take advice from friends, family, and colleagues, or snippets of wisdom from books, TV, articles, magazines. Of course, there is also the internet which all together provides you with access to hundreds of thousands of ‘mentors’.

From celebrities, to athletes, and business tycoons to bloggers, if we sit up and take notice of what we are reading or watching there are lessons, hints and tips, and heaps of inspiration free for the taking.

Even your social media feed can be a helpful resource…. No really it can. At some stage you will have seen an inspiring quote on your social feed that resonated with you, and chances are, this quote created a spark of inspiration to make a change of some sort. Now whether you acted on that inspiration or not is a different matter, but I bet you my favourite biro that it was there, right?

Right! So, in order to become our own Yoda, all we need to do is collect these little nuggets from as many sources as possible and put them to good use. Personally, I like to keep little snippets of wisdom in my notebook because I have it near me all of the time. When I am reading a book, watching a movie or even having coffee with a friend, if I see or hear something that resonates, I can make a little note of it for later. 

Change is the end result of all true learning – Leo Buscaglia (American author, motivational speaker and professor).

It is this notebook that we have to thank for today’s post, because nestled in its crumpled dog-eared pages is my little collection of ‘life lessons’ that I have put together over time from a ton of different sources. It also contains all notes and reminders from mistakes I have made along the way and fully intend to avoid repeating. When I feel like I need advice, a boost of positivity, or the motivation to make some changes I look back over my notes and use them to inspire me to get started, or to remind me to rethink my approach.

I honestly can’t recommend this method of becoming your own mentor enough, so in the hope that I have inspired you to get started here’s a glance at 10 snippets from my notebook. 

  • You become what you believe
  • Just do you
  • A path doesn’t have to be straight
  • Always have an attitude of gratitude
  • Know your audience
  • Life is all about perspective
  • Count to 3 before you answer yes or no
  • Never hit snooze
  • How hard can it be?
  • If you mess up, fess up

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