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Happy New Year! 2019 wow that feels ever so futuristic don’t you think? You know, one of my favourite parts about a new year is the inevitable goal setting ritual. The planning and preparation that goes into it is just so gorgeously geeky, I love it.

Predictably, I have a routine of sorts for my New Year prep. As soon as Boxing Day is over, that is when the chocolate binge ends, the house gets a full clean and clutter overhaul, the office gets a reshuffle and then it is onto the crisp pure white pages of my planner. 

Oh, how I love opening my Filofax, arranging my fine liners on my desk and turning to the lovely clean and pristine blank page. I then begin chewing on the end of my pen while I work out exactly what I want to achieve throughout the coming year and how to lay it out on the page. This is an important step you know, do you go for boxes, bubbles, bullet points, mind map? Sigh, the options are all part of the fun.

One bit that never fails to be included in my planner is the career section. It is usually made up of small goals, tweaks to my routine, and reflections on things I didn’t do so well the year before that I need to make more of an effort on this year. The one that is already in super bold, double underlined, decorated lettering for 2019 is Work Life Balance, I had to bring it forward from last year because despite my attempts to be better at it in 2018, I failed miserably.

It is always the same. I throw myself in head first with the best of intentions but because I am a control freak i will move heaven and earth to make sure I never drop a task, I then start to erase things from my life that really should have stayed. Things like, taking the time to get dressed properly without opening emails on my phone just to find later, that in my distraction, I forgot something important like underpants or the other sock. Not using my weekends to get ahead of myself on workload resulting in there being no food in the cupboards or, the most common, not leaving the desk for a short break every now and then to remain sane. I am so bad at this, I can sit there for 10 hours straight, bad back, square eyes and busting for a pee without breaking concentration.

While I was laboriously decorating the capital B in my planner and chastising myself for failing in 2018 I wondered if this was just part of my make up or if it is just a bad habit I have trained myself into continually practicing. Am I just predisposed to having such a crazy work ethic that I am destined to be a pale, perpetually hungry, hunch backed recluse who believes they are chained to their desk with invisible shackles? Perhaps I am just fighting nature by trying to be any other way.

If we had better knowledge of who we are on a deeper level could we use it to our advantage in our careers? What could we learn about our personalities, the jobs that are best for us, and how we work with others so that when the new year rolls around we are creating bucket lists not character assassinations?

True to form, once I had it in my head that there may be more to my appalling work life balance abilities, I commenced research. Naturally as the ultimate source of highly factual (okay so subjective is perhaps a better word) information, my first port of call was of course the Zodiac, I had read enough magazines in my teenage years to know that when you have an important question, this was without a doubt the best place to start. Such fun! 

Being born in late September, I am a Libra, which I know is supposed to mean I am balanced and creative but that is about as far as my knowledge in all things Sun Signs goes. So, I scoured the internet and gathered a ton of information for each sign that I then wrapped up nicely into a short work specific paragraph to share with you, who needs Mystic Meg, just call me Cryptic Caree!

Let’s start with my sign,

Libra: It takes two. (September 23rd - October 22nd)

An artistic air sign that excels in creative endeavours. Libra is a chameleon of characters who can create a balance of personalities in the workplace when needed. A task that can be worked on with others is great for a Libra as they collaborate well, teamwork really brings out the best of their creativity.

Top tip: Listening to music while you work will ensure your creativity is always engaged.

As you can see, from what I found, there does not appear to be any good reason why I should be so stoic in my work regime. If anything, getting out and about, working collaboratively and with a bit of background noise would work wonders for me. 

This does also mean that there is no excuse, with a bit of effort it is possible to create a new work regime, one that includes tea breaks and colleague interaction every now and then.

Here are the rest of the signs for you, let’s see if there are any insightful gems that may help you improve some aspect of your working life this year.

Aries: Leader of the pack (March 21st - April 19th)

Aries is an energetic sign who thrives as the centre of attention. With a need to be the shining star of any group they can lead the way and strive for greatness, you will be amazed at what could be achieved.

Top tip: Choose a career that encourages competition between co-workers and personal achievement to really make the most of your skills.

Taurus: Creatively reliable (April 20th - May 20th)

As a Taurus your biggest strength is your subtle determination and willpower to succeed, while being reliable in any situation. With your artistic flair you can bring a wealth of creativity to your career.

Top tip: Take the initiative to lead a project, you have all of the right traits to see it through to successful completion.

Gemini: The workplace socialite. (May 21st - June 20th)

This Air sign loves people and movement. As one of the most sociable of all the signs a Gemini won’t be happy in a job behind a desk unless offered the freedom to move and mingle!

Top tip: Beware of boredom, the devil makes work for idle hands.

Cancer: Emotional endearment (June 21st - July 22nd)

Providing for family is the driving factor behind a Cancer at work. Success means security and being dedicated to your goals is a sure fire way to get to where you want to be. A Cancer is a force to be reckoned with, loyalty and ethics are deeply rooted in their vision.

Top tip: Choose a position that satisfies your need for security as well as your own enjoyment, all work and no play.. etc

Leo: Gold star seeker (July 23rd - August 22nd)

As a natural attention seeker, a Leo will strive to make their way in a career that provides recognition and appreciation for all that they do. Advancement comes by way of positive reinforcement and confidence boosting compliments so be sure to let your work be seen and appreciated. 

Top tip: Set goals for yourself and enjoy your own sense of achievement as you accomplish all that you set out to achieve.

Virgo: Practically perfect placement (August 23rd - September 22nd)

Organisation, systemisation and productivity are the key to holding a Virgo’s attention in the workplace. With the freedom to fully immerse themselves into a task and embrace the mental stimulation of a job well done, a Virgo will be comfortable and satisfied in their workplace.

Top tip: Keeping a bullied journal will satisfy your need for an engaging and organised workflow. 

Scorpio: Respectfully hard working (October 23rd - November 22nd)

A Scorpio possesses an amazing work ethic when inspired by the people they respect or surrounded by people they like. Once respect is lost it is hard to regain any ground with a Scorpio so co-workers can find themselves on the outside if they don’t meet the exacting standards of a Scorpio.

Top tip: Practice your ability to delegate and trust in others, perfection is the biggest hurdle to productivity.

Sagittarius: Independence and ideas (November 22nd - December 22nd)

A happy go lucky, friendly sign who loves to love people but surprisingly, when it comes to the work place they tend to prefer working alone. They are full of ideas and are confident to share their ideas with the team but only once the Sagittarius is happy that the idea is fully formed. 

Top tip: Practice brainstorming with a team, all ideas are good ideas, even when they are not yet fully thought through. 

Capricorn: Take charge (December 22nd - January 20th)

A reliable and practical strong sign. Being full of ambition and confidence it is no wonder a Capricorn makes for a brilliant leader. Hard work and a goal busting outlook make for an inspiring and respectful team mate. 

Top tip: Flex your team leading muscles, put yourself forward to take the lead and bring out the best in your group.

Aquarius: Freedom fighter (January 20th - February 18th)

Aquarius is always working for the greater good, even the workplace. With inspiring and inventive ideas to make the world (and the world of work) a better place an Aquarius is an asset to any team once they are given the chance to speak their mind. 

Top tip: Make your feelings known, if you have an idea don’t be afraid to speak up.

Pisces: Day dreamer (February 18th - March 20th)

Pisces, the dreamer of dreams, the setter of goals. Rose-tinted glasses suit you well dear Pisces. Even when distractions seem to pull you off track you never falter from your ability to set new goals and start again with a skip in your step. Forecasting and creating a plan of action is right up your street, especially when there are other signs around you to see the plan through.

Top tip: Create a plan with small manageable steps, your co-workers can help you achieve your dreams, together even the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

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